Feast for the Peace


SATURDAY, 26 October 2019  |  19:00 TO 22:00

A crew of young artists and anti-Site C activists travelled to the Peace River Valley in July 2019. Their intention was to offer solidarity and art for people defending the river and Treaty 8 rights. They’ll share what they learned and experienced on that extraordinary trip.

The evening is a potluck feast! Bring something delicious to share. It is also a fundraiser for West Moberly First Nation’s litigation to protect the Peace Valley from obliteration by the Site C dam. We encourage everyone to stand in solidarity with them.

Hosted by Fight C, a non-partisan, non-violent community group committed to stopping the Site C dam in solidarity with the Treaty 8 First Nations. We work to raise awareness and engagement on the violations of First Nations Treaty rights, as well as the eviction of farmers, the destruction of farmland, the threats to food security, and the long-term financial drain of the dam. Let’s strive for the Vision of the Valley we need!